Sonny + maranda 


This week on the blog....

Let me introduce you to Sonny + Maranda they have been married for a year and they are one of the most beautiful couples! Their relationship is simply admirable, Sonny is such a gentleman the way he treats Maranda is like a precious jewel (she is one) you can see the love that Maranda has for Sonny, just look at the way she looks at him. I had the pleasure of working with them this fall and I am stunned by the final product. Like WOW! 
A lot of you will remember Maranda from her Bridal session I did in May of 2016, one of the most stunning brides I have ever photographed!! I submitted one of her images to a photo competition with photographers all over the world, Maranda's photo got top 100 out of 336,000+ photos I mean she was just a gorgeous bride! 

Their session took place at Palo Duro Canyon on a beautiful sunny day in November, when Maranda contacted me for a photoshoot I dreamed of it being beautiful but it ended up being completely breathtaking! 

It has been an honor to work with this stunning couple, I have to brag that I get to photograph the most beautiful clients and they were not an exception! 

Sonny + Maranda thank you for the opportunity of capturing your love!!