P.S. Capturing Love Photography
P.S. Capturing Love Photography

Zack + Ashleigh 

Zack and Ashleigh are one sweet couple who recently got engaged, their big day is August 12th and I feel extremely honored to document their love story. Zack is currently  stationed in Dover Delaware and came over the weekend to surprise Ashleigh and proposed to her surrounded by friends and family in a very intimate way.  The were meant to be together, here is why....


Zack and Ashley met at their job as lifeguards at a local pool in Dumas, TX 5 years ago, 

"The first couple of summers we worked together we didn't really talk, we knew each other but we were both dating other people. The Summer going into my Senior year, he had just graduated and we were both hurt, I had a sprained ankle and he was healing from an ACL injury.  We both had to work the slides at the pool so we spent lots of time together and I think that's when he started to catch the feels... lol. But I was still in a relationship. 

Then we went our separate ways after the summer and it was about the second semester of my Senior year I was finally single and he heard the news and took the opportunity to pursue me and now we are engaged just a few months away from our wedding day. "



This is one beautiful story, every photo here shows how deeply in love they are. Not an ordinary couple for sure, just imagine you can't hug, kiss or talk to the love of your life everyday because he is a part of the Air Force miles and miles away serving our country, there are many similar cases out there but something is for sure here is that distance gives them a reason to love harder. 


May God bless you both always.